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Custom Model Finishing               



Queensland Sugar Cane Locos in On30

Bundaburg Fowler Tanks

by Hanovale Model Castings

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A larger than life study of this little loco which has been finished in an Australian customer's free lance scheme.
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Number Five is alive!  (Loved that movie)
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This one would have to be dubbed 'Donovan' and if you know what that means then you,  like me, are showing your age!
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This customer wanted his in plain un-numbered black.  It suits it.  A recent innovation has been the nickel plating of headlight and back up light reflectors and the fitting of directional constant lighting.
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This number 5 was built to run on 12 mm gauge track and features plated light reflectors and directional constant lighting.  It is the first I have built with 'gun blued' rods and valve gear to simulate the colour of oily natural steel and 'gun blued' chopper couplers.  This loco is the same colour as the number 5 pictured above (GWR Green) but the lighting conditions of the photo make it seem lighter.
Class B9 Tender Locos by RJ Models
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